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ecoSPEARS Secures Investment from Florida-based Impact Investors venVelo and Sponsorship from Stirling Operations

Gerry Angeli notes, “Our research of ecoSPEARS shows they have the technology, experience, and entrepreneurial energy to produce environmentally important results for the nation, and the world, by removing pollutants. Their solutions are effective and scalable. This is exactly the kind of venture we look to support with investment and our own operational experience.”

The 4 Biggest Supply Chain Lessons from the Pandemic

The 4 Biggest Supply Chain Lessons from the Pandemic

Directly combatting COVID-19 and dealing with the unintended consequences of the mitigating actions has presented us with the realization that too many products, assemblies, subassemblies and parts critical to our existence and national security are no longer produced and supplied from within the United States. We are too dependent upon foreign supply chains to produce what we need to protect…

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