Angeli Capital invests in ESG-NRG maritime shipping marketplace for carbon credits

The first online platform for buying and selling Net Zero carbon credits, with full transparency, in the maritime industry.

FT LAUDERDALE, Florida – June 13, 2022 – Stirling Operations and Angeli Capital announced today their investment in ESG-NRG AS , a Norwegian-based carbon offset platform that provides a new online marketplace for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) for the maritime industry.

One billion tons of CO2 are  emitted by vessels every year, contributing 3% of global CO2 emissions. Commercial shipping companies claim they’ve purchased carbon credits to counterbalance their carbon footprints. But there’s no transparency to these transactions, so it’s impossible to know what was purchased or for how much. And there is no guarantee that the carbon credits are for a Net Zero carbon effect .  

ESG-NRG’s new online platform provides full transparency to these transactions, and only accepts carbon-negative projects (to be purchased with credits) which will lower airborne CO2 levels. This carbon removal marketplace ensures maritime companies invest in carbon neutral projects, and allows them to share the details of their CO2 removal actions in this public carbon ledger.

“We’re taking a careful, methodical approach to investing in companies that are at the forefront of ESG products and technology. ESG-NRG’s new platform provides a simple and easy process for maritime companies to show how they’re moving towards the IMO’s goal to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. And it provides visibility to their actions, which is sorely needed in these days of greenwashing,” says Gerry Angeli, Managing Partner of Stirling Operations and Angeli Capital. 

Carbon credits are highly differentiated products in terms of the climate benefits they provide, and the certainty of those benefits. “We’re excited to introduce the Marine Offset Platform (MOP) as a verified carbon removal marketplace for the maritime community,” says Janek Ekeli, Co-founder & CEO at ESG-NRG.

 “We support public confidence in carbon markets, and insist on sharing all project information including cost per ton, to aid price discovery for buyers and sellers in the market,” he explains. “Our algorithms help owners measure, track, and offset their vessel emissions across different fuels, vessels sizes, and vessel types, even taking into account sailing speed. Companies can even allocate CO2 based upon when and where cargo was loaded.”

The platform is now available for viewing and companies can start purchasing credits by appointment.

About Stirling Operations / Angeli Capital

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ESG-NRG enables the maritime industry to offset emissions in a transparent marketplace in return for investment in high-quality carbon removal projects. Commercial vessels, charterers, and other marine vessels can utilize carbon credits to counterbalance their carbon footprints to achieve Net Zero results. For more information, visit

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