ecoSPEARS Secures Investment from Florida-based Impact Investors venVelo and Sponsorship from Stirling Operations

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ecoSPEARS announced today that it has secured an investment from Florida-based impact investors venVelo and Stirling Operations to scale its sustainable remediation technologies to eliminate “forever chemicals” from the environment. The investment was made by venVelo, a Florida-based early-stage venture fund, and Stirling Operations, a group of independent sponsors.

ecoSPEARS designs and develops green and sustainable remediation technologies to extract and destroy PFAS, PCBs, dioxins 1,4-dioxane, and other chemical contaminants from soil, sediment, and water without transporting hazardous waste to landfills and incinerators which exposes local communities to toxic waste.

This investment will accelerate ecoSPEARS’ initiative to scale their green remediation technologies to serve more communities impacted by environmental contamination across the globe. In addition, ecoSPEARS will continue to expand its technologies to address additional legacy and emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, PFOA, and other contaminants known as “forever chemicals”.

“We’re excited to work with investors like venVelo and sponsors like Stirling Operations. Their foresight and willingness to share our mission will help to make a generational impact, especially for underserved communities that are impacted the most,” said Sergie Albino, Co-Founder and CEO of ecoSPEARS. “We’ve all witnessed, first-hand, the devastation to both the community and the environment when hazardous substances aren’t handled properly. The risks are just too great. We have to stop this. And with ecoSPEARS, we can.”

“I have been part of the Central Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem for the last 25 years. In that time, we have seen the number and depth of entrepreneurial talent increase significantly. We are fortunate to locally have the financial resources and talent to build some extremely valuable companies,” said Richard Licursi, managing partner at venVelo.

Gerry Angeli notes, “Our research of ecoSPEARS shows they have the technology, experience, and entrepreneurial energy to produce environmentally important results for the nation, and the world, by removing pollutants. Their solutions are effective and scalable. This is exactly the kind of venture we look to support with investment and our own operational experience.”

About ecoSPEARS: ecoSPEARS is a cleantech company on a mission to usher in the net-zero future of environmental remediation by developing green, sustainable technologies to remediate soil and waterways that have been contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and other persistent toxins that threaten human health and the environment. ecoSPEARS offers sustainable, cost-effective technologies that extract and eliminate persistent toxins from contaminated sediment, soil, and water, giving polluted land and waterways a second chance at life. (

About venVelo: venVelo is an active early-stage venture fund in Florida for innovative companies seeking capital and mentoring. Launched in 2012, venVelo identifies growth companies and increases their successes through the venVelo approach – mentoring, coaching, engaging with the community, leveraging connections, and acting quickly. (

About Stirling Operations: Stirling Operations is a firm of independent sponsors who take an active role in managing the companies they acquire, and use technology transfer as a core lever to achieve enterprise growth. Stirling Operations focuses on people, community, shareholders, and other stakeholders to grow overall profitability and sustainability of the business. (


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