Bill Walker

Management Team Member

Bill Walker has a proven track record leading successful ventures in the marine industry, including the purchasing of passenger vessel services to improve their potential and grow revenues.

Bill is Principal and CEO of Water Taxi (Fort Lauderdale), which was purchased in 2007 with a focus on growth. Prior to purchase, Water Taxi served 60,000 passengers/year; as of 2019, it served over 1 million passengers/year. Bill’s focus on branding, sales, community, and corporate partnerships created significant growth in brand recognition. In addition, his attention to financial management and human resources have all contributed to the company’s growth. Employees focus on guest services and excellent marine practices, and Water Taxi has a proven track record of safety and reliability.

Prior to Water Taxi, Bill was Principal/President of Boston’s Best Cruises. His achievements there include developing the first high-speed bow loading catamarans that are ADA accessible, including floating docks, terminals, and 1,000 car parking lot. They transported 400,000+ commuters/year, according to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and the Massachusetts Port Authority. While he was there, they purchased the New England Aquarium’s Whale Watching business, which transported 70,000 people/year to view whales.

Bill was President of Concordia Custom Yachts, which built custom yachts up to 110’ using state of the art composite technology; they won Super Yacht of the year award (1993). In the 1980’s, he served as Ships Officer, sailing as second and third mate, and he’s experienced in navigation, cargo handling, and safety. Bill has a B.S. in Marine Transportation from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and is VP of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Foundation, doing fund raising for scholarships and capital expenses. Bill also serves as a Board Member on 10 different nonprofits in South Florida.