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Investment Update: ecoSPEARS

PFAS – the “forever” chemical – is making news headlines everywhere.

Last year, we started investing in ecoSPEARS, a company that cleans away these chemicals, using proprietary NASA-developed technology.

To date, the only way to get rid of these toxins has been to dredge sediment or dig up soil and burn it (transferring toxins into the atmosphere). Until now.

ecoSPEARS technology explained
ecoSPEARS in local television news

We’re the lead for this investment opportunity. Interested? Contact us

Sergie Albino Builds EcoSPEARS To Remove “Forever Chemicals” From The Environment

We secured a Forbes interview for ecoSPEARS CEO, Serg Albino. Read it now.

Dax Whitehouse joins Stirling Operations & Angeli Capital

We’re excited to announce that Dax Whitehouse has joined our team. Dax spent 25 years in metals manufacturing and has led teams through turnarounds of culture and performance to record growth.

Dax has a wealth of experience, including as a CEO and CFO under private equity ownership, executing mergers and acquisitions in the manufacturing and cruise industries, and serving as a Chair for Vistage.

John Waggoner joins Stirling Operations & Angeli Capital

John has been involved in the passenger vessel industry for over 30 years, as well as other segments of the industry including: Commercial Fishing, Offshore Oil Support Vessels, Dinner Cruise and Excursion Vessels, Casino Boats, and Car and Passenger Ferry Operations.

John has a depth of experience founding companies and growing them for future sale. We’re excited to have him join us!


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